Wenko 18442100 Seat Toilet Seat Cover Clamshell Easy Close Fall Device – Automatic, Stainless Steel Fix-Clip Hygienic Grip, Antibacterial, Duroplast, 38 x 46 cm, White (REACONDICIONADO Certificate)

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Easy close automatic lowering function for quiet and gentle closing of the lid; rustproof Fix-Clip Hygienic stainless steel mounting for easy attachment and removal for cleaning; made of high-quality, white duroplast with anti-bacterial coating and mussel relief lid; Unbreakable, scratch-resistant, durable and hygienic ring; Dimensions (W x D): lid – 38 x 45 cm/outer ring – 43.5 x 38.5 cm/inner ring – 26.5 x 22.5 cm/mounting clearance – 10.5 – 21.5 cm

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