Vilstein© Toilet Seat / Lid with Soft-Close Mechanism, Anti-Bacterial, Sturdy Metal Hinges, Chrome-Plated and Rust-Free, High-Quality and Robust, Made of MDF Wood, 12 Designs, multi-coloured

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MDF wood.
The solid MDF core (about 16 mm) For Stability And A Longer Life. Weight: approximately 3 kg.

Premium glossy colour.
The designs look particularly life-like and will bring variety to your bathroom.

Soft-close automatic closing system
Toilet seat and lid feature an automatic closing mechanism, meaning that it lowers both softly and slowly. The lid can be positioned at an angle of up to 120°. Many similar products only have such a closing mechanism on the lid.

Comfortable seat
Very comfortable seat comfort thanks to a smooth finish, which quickly absorbs body heat and ensures a comfortable seating experience. Holds up to 180 kg.

Maximum hygiene
Anti-bacterial covering.

Hygienic and easy to clean, the plastic buffer (approx. 10 mm) prevents direct contact between the lid and seat, seat and toilet bowl.

Strong metal hinges
The sturdy metal hinges and are stronger and more resistant to breaking than conventional toilet seats, thus guaranteeing reliable resistance and a longer life. Thanks to the hinges, the toilet seat and lid stay firmly attached to the toilet, ensuring that it won't slide or wobble. Can be rotated by 360°.

hinges with 3 points
A special shape of this hinges with 3 points and special bolts for extra stability between hinges and lid.

Suitable for all common toilets
For hanging or standing toilet bowls with a hole spacing of 104 – 219 mm.

Easy installation
Fixed in place with two mounting screws 6 x 80 mm (Øxl longer) and wing nut. Quick and easy to install.

Box contents:
1 x Vilstein© toilet seat and lid with soft-close mechanism.
1 x Universal installation set including. seals.

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