Teamwork Shooting Novelty Loo Seat

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Every man's home is his castle and every castle needs a throne so how about buying a novelty toilet seat as a humorous addition to any home. Hand finished high quality wooden novelty toilet seat from original illustrations by Bryn Parry. The lid shows a man shooting accompanied with his black labrador and a pheasant heading towards the dogs mouth with the word Teamwork. Inside the lid is a further image of a man with a shotgun resting on his shoulders and a black labrador carrying everything that every shooter would need and the words Perfect Partner. The seat has three additional contrasting images. The seat is gift boxed so is ideal to give as a present for the country sport lover. The seat itself is wrapped in plastic and comes with two plastic washers, two plastic wing nuts, two metal rods and instructions for fitting. Please note that seat cannot be returned once the plastic has been removed. The seat fits most standard toilets.

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